I believe in marriage.  I believe being married is our best chance of getting through this journey of life and experiencing happiness.  In life, I need someone who knows me and understands me, someone who lifts me spiritually, someone who challenges me, and someone to help me through my struggles.  Just as well, I need someone I can care for and be there for.  I want to give my love just as much as I want someone to give me theirs, and I want it to be forever.

Being married for time and eternity in the temple allows for just that.  As long as both husband and wife live according to Heavenly Father’s commandments, and uphold the covenants they make at marriage, they can be bound on this earth and throughout all eternity.  What a blessing that is that the bonds we make here on earth are not lost in death!  If all married couples understood this principle, I am curious what the status of the family in the world would be.  With an eternal perspective, would divorce be contemplated nearly as often?  If people knew they could be with their children throughout eternity if they were married and sealed before having them, would people still have children out of wedlock?  Would this knowledge change how we treat our spouses?  Our children? Our parents?

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