Set Patterns

Setting patterns for our children will enable them to grow strong in the midst of a world of chaos.  Even though the definition of what a family is has drastically changed, and whether we have money or not, there is a guide to how we should live.  We should set the pattern of regular scripture study and prayer, as well as have family dinners together.  Another main component of raising a strong family is focusing on the Gospel and drawing nearer to our Heavenly Father.  Elder Oaks said, “So much of what we concentrate on in mortality-power, prominence, property, prestige-are things that we don’t have any evidence will make any difference in the next life.  But family will.”  Spending time focusing on how we can better our family is a much more efficient way to spend our time while here on earth since that is what matters in eternity.  Since we have the blessing to know what lies ahead for us throughout eternity, we would do well to heed to the counseling of our Church leaders.  Elder Holland said we should, “Cling to the doctrine of the Church.” Clinging to me doesn’t describe merely reading the scriptures and attending meetings, it implies holding tight to it.  Studying the doctrine closely and actually living the words that we hear in conference and read in our scriptures is the guide to which we should set our lives by and raise our families by.

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